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With information at hand and smart data analytics, SAMP empowers plant owner-operators and engineers to make decisions that optimise maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime to maximise production.

Reduce Maintenance Spend

Eliminate unnecessary inspections, repairs and/or replacements through risk-based decision making.

Zero Plant Breakdowns

Reduce unplanned outages from integrity related failures through proper damage mechanism identification and expert management.

Assisted Decision Making

Ability to move to Risk-based inspection intervals for Statutory Inspections instead of fixed 3 year intervals

Meet Our Team

The SAMP managed service offering consists of a software platform backed by a full team of industry specialists and engineers. Together with the client team, we achieve the best return from assets in our care.


Alistair Moodie

SAMP Product Manager

Alistair Moodie was instrumental in the development of Sebenzana’s smart asset management approach, and manages the SAMP solution. As an expert O&M engineer, he has an in-depth appreciation for the impact that operating and maintenance actions have on overall business performance, and derives deep satisfaction from helping teams to make the right decisions at the right time, based on quality information.

Alistair graduated from Wits and started his career as an O&M mechanical engineer at Eskom’s Lethabo Power Station. His first role at Sebenzana was managing the turbo-generator fleet of South Africa’s largest coal-fired independent power producer.

Hans Rautenbach

Service Lead

Hans Rautenbach is a mechanical engineer with broad experience across the oil and gas, petrochemical and power sectors. At Sebenzana, he leads the team of engineers who are at the forefront of delivering the SAMP managed services offering, and uses the SAMP process to develop engineers-in-training.

Hans has 12 years’ experience in supporting critical assets through risk assessments and risk-based inspection (RBI) projects, and is API580 certified. He is also familiar with ISO 9001, 18001 and 55001 specifications and how to integrate them to support critical asset fleets.

Andrew Carr

Managing Director

Andrew Carr is a UCT-qualified materials engineer and holds a master’s degree in thermal power from Cranfield University. He started his career in the aerospace industry before serving Eskom for several years. He is deeply invested in infrastructure and the teams that manage these assets. Andrew has led Sebenzana since 2007 and is passionate about taking its influence and contribution to new heights locally and internationally. He is devoted to the cause of improving asset management decisions on critical plant by bringing expert knowledge to bear through the use of Sebenzana’s SAMP.

Andrew is a long-standing member of the South African Independent Power Producers Association (SAIPPA) Management Committee and has led several of its work groups over the years.

Profiled Experts

David Tarrant

Generator Specialist

David Tarrant is an electrical engineer whose 30 years’ experience make him a sought-after independent expert when it comes to specifying, constructing, installing, commissioning, operating and maintaining utility generators and associated plant. Dave has contributed to countless mid-life assessments and life extensions of utility generators around the world, and is a respected member of industry bodies such as EPRI and CIGRE.

His regard for legacy is expressed in his dedication to developing the next generation of power plant experts. Dave views SAMP as an ideal framework for conveying knowledge and understanding to young engineers.

Gerard von dem Bongart


Gerard von dem Bongart is a qualified metallurgist and international welding engineer. In addition to extensive Eskom experience, he gained international exposure in the Canadian oil and gas industry. With his thorough understanding of the full metallurgical inspection value chain, Gerard is an expert in inspection techniques and results interpretation, and contributed immensely to digitising the entire process to help improve risk decisions based on plant condition.

Gerard is a part-time member of the Sebenzana specialist team, where his knowledge of international metallurgical standards and their application to O&M decisions in southern African power plants is invaluable.

Henco Reyneke

Senior Engineer

Henco Reynecke is a mechanical engineer with extensive experience in improving the operational performance and profitability of critical assets in the energy sector. Described as a genius by his colleagues, he is highly analytical and known for his commitment to problem solving, from design through to implementation. Henco is keenly interested in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of turbogenerator sets, as well as in design and reliability engineering. He is extremely hands-on, going from modelling the flow of oil through an oil tank to changing filters on that same tank without hesitation. He has a reputation for being tech proficient, with skills spanning the spectrum from coding and modelling to 3D-printing.

Profiled SAMP Engineers

Henco Berry

SAMP Engineer

Henco Berry is a chemical engineer. He joined Sebenzana in 2019 as a boiler plant engineer in the SAMP environment. His responsibilities include projects and asset management on the PF boiler fleet, failure investigations and root-cause analyses, risk-based inspections, embedding, developing and executing SAMP on boiler general overhauls, and compiling, managing and executing boiler pressure part scopes of work. Henco is known for his perseverance, adaptability, ability to work under pressure and the fact that he is a team player who focuses on the advancement of the group.

Stefan Louw

SAMP Engineer

Stefan Louw joined Sebenzana in 2017, shortly after completing his master’s degree in mechanical engineering. He is a resourceful mechanical and project engineer with experience in projects, service management, power generation and metallurgical integrity. During his tenure with Sebenzana, Stefan has worked on projects at Sasol, Zambia Sugar, ACSA (OR Tambo International Airport), Sappi’s Ngodwana paper mill and Kelvin Power Station. Stefan values efficiency, communication and self-improvement.

Jurgens Naudé

SAMP Engineer

Jurgens Naudé joined Sebenzana at the end of 2018, shortly after completing his master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Since then, he has worked on projects at Sasol and Kelvin Power Station. He describes himself as task-driven and ambitious, and is known for his positive attitude and sense of responsibility.

Kennedy Koloi

Junior SAMP Engineer

Kennedy Koloi is a UJ graduate with an honours degree in mechanical engineering science. He started his career at Eskom’s Komati Power Station where he gained experience on boilers and turbines. His duties included machinery inspections and condition monitoring on specifically the condensate system and the turbine centreline. He joined Sebenzana in 2019 where he helps to enhance SAMP’s functionality to achieve the goal of equipment that is efficient, well maintained and safe to operate.

Briton Dikgale

Junior SAMP Engineer

Briton Dikgale is a detail-oriented individual with a strong interest in condition monitoring (CM). His current CM experience extends to generators and transformers, but he plans to expand his horizons to all other assets that benefit from CM-based maintenance. Briton holds a BSc honours degree in electrical engineering from Wits, and joined Sebenzana in 2020. Previously he worked at Sibanye Gold Mine and in Eskom’s Research, Testing and Development function.

Richard Day

Junior SAMP Engineer

Richard Day works in the SAMP development team. His duties include developing features and functionality that improve asset management teams’ ability to make good engineering decisions, and supporting clients with implementing the platform. Richard is a chemical engineer and hopes to bring practical solutions to the problems South Africa faces. He works well under pressure and enjoys new and difficult challenges.

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